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Reconnect with your cycle and become your best self.

Girl Hiking in Nature

We are all just extensions of nature.

The human body is a complex and beautiful vessel crafted by millions of years of evolution. It has everything it needs.

Yet we push it away, and it makes us unwell.

Our society sees the human body as some kind of machine. We ignore our intuition and look for quick fixes. And we wonder why we're unwell.

Image by Nick Sokolov

I'm here to help you reconnect with your cycle and become your best self.

When you reconnect with your cycle, you reconnect with who you truly are. I'm a FEMM-certified holistic coach and yoga instructor, and I'm here to share with you what I've learned throughout my own journey.

To understand yourself is to feel at home.

After learning everything I have learned, I feel empowered. Apart from the stigma and general ignorance on this subject, growing in my knowledge of myself is one of my biggest passions and I feel like I can be more in tune with myself now. 


I started listening to my body like I never have before.

If you're looking for a practitioner who will listen to your concerns, validate your feelings, give helpful insight, invite you out of your comfort zone, but also meet you half way, then Alicia is the one for you!


I feel more in-tune and aware of myself.

 I would recommend Alicia to anyone who wants to see the big picture of their cycle. It has given me more control over my health, and the knowledge and tools I have learned from Alicia are invaluable!


Meditating in Nature

Reconnect with your cycle and become your best self.

Not ready? That's okay.

We are all on our own journeys. Here you'll find some of the things that have helped me along mine.

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