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You deserve the reproductive health education you never received growing up.

Conscious Cycles is a 3-month group container is for women who want to:

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Avoid pregnancy

Achieve pregnancy


Chart for their health


Connect with
their bodies

How we'll flow:

5 Live Group Calls

I will guide you through everything you need to know to use FAM for conception, contraception, health as well as tools to live aligned with your cycle.

4 One-on-One Calls

We will connect to go over your overall wellness and intentions for FAM. You will receive my personal feedback, encouragement, guidance and caring support on your charting

9 Calls
in Total

I am so excited to flow with both group and one on one calls to connect on a collective and individual level

One-on-One Email & Telegram Support

Ongoing, unlimited email or telegram support from myself during and following the class. You can ask me any questions or clarifications whenever you need to. I want you to know I am here with you every step of the way on your journey 

Private Telegram Group Chat

Together we can stay connected as a community and share with each other whatever may arise throughout the process. In this safe space, you can share your charting and experiences. You can also practice your skills with others' cycle charts.

Additional Information & Resources

You will receive downloadable PDF's such as FAM rules, FAM cycle chart, book lists, music playlist to continue to deepen your connection with your cycle and body.


After completing Conscious Cycles, you'll feel:

  • Committed to charting fertility signs to find out when you ovulate each month

  • Confident and independent in your ability to identify, interpret and chart your fertile window to plan for conception or contraception

  • Clear when you're not fertile and when you are

  • Comfortable using the fertility awareness method for contraception

  • Capable of identifying when a hormonal imbalance or if an infection is present

  • Connected to your inner feminine wisdom and empowered about your body & cycle

I feel more in-tune and aware of myself.

I worked with Alicia to get a better understanding of my cycle. I had issues of ovarian cysts and bad cramps with almost no period, but was not getting much guidance from doctors so I wanted to learn more for myself. Learning about this has taught me how lifestyle choices have an impact on my cycle. After working with Alicia I feel more in tune and aware of myself. I have a deeper understanding of my cycle and what impacts it. Alicia went above and beyond as a coach. She laid out the information in a clear and applicable way, but also cared about what my own personal goals and interests were. I would recommend Alicia to anyone who wants to see the big picture of their cycle. It has given me more control over my health, and the knowledge and tools I have learned from Alicia are invaluable!


Session 1

March 20th 7:30pm EST

I'll introduce you to the basics of FAM, including anatomy, hormones, and cervical mucus.

Session 2

April 17th 7:30pm EST

I'll teach you how to read your chart to identify your fertile window and any imbalances in your cycle.

Session 3

May 22nd 7:30pm EST

I'll teach you the family planning rules for achieving or avoiding pregnancy.

Session 4

June 5th 7:30pm EST


June 19th 7:30pm EST

I'll teach you about cycle syncing, reproductive support, holistic nutrition coaching,

wisdom of the cycles, + more

Investment $395 (this includes HST)


Ready to learn cycle charting with other beautiful women?

  • Is the course available in my country?
    Yes! I serve clients globally. Wherever you have a reliable internet connection, we can work together!
  • How long will the calls be?
    Each call will be around an hour and a half to two hours. Welcome to the balance of masculine and feminine, having a container of time for two hours and seeing how we flow. I f there are any questions or if someone wants to share a story/experience it may go for two hours.
  • How and where do we meet each call?
    We meet every week through an online platform called Zoom which is a live stream (and recorded) video call. You can either use Zoom through your computer or phone. In between calls, you can still be connected with me through another platform called Telegram, where we can chat individually or in the group chat!
  • Where do I go to contact you?
    You can send an email at any time to
  • What if I can't attend the live group calls?
    No worries, I completely understand. If you are unable to attend live, I will send out a recording of the the call. This way you can still flow with us as a group and learn together. I do want to mention that I will stop the recording whenever someone shares something personal to ensure confidentiality and privacy. If you really want to learn FAM through live calls, but are not able to join these dates and times, you can email me about doing 1:1 sessions instead of a group!
  • When do I schedule my first 1:1 private session?
    It is up to you! Once you pay for Conscious Cycles, I will send you an email where you can schedule your first private session with me. It will be very valuable to book the call within the first week when the group starts.
  • Are payment plans available?
    Absolutely! Cost should not be a barrier to learning how to chart. Please email at and we can co-create a custom plan that works best for you!
  • How does the telegram support work?
    I use Telegram for all client commmunications. It's a free app available across devices. Email is also available if you do not want to use Telegram. I check my client messages Mon-Fri and typically respond within 2 business days. I want you to know that you are supported and I am here with you every step of the way!
  • How long does virtual support last?
    From my own experience and from my previous clients experiences, I have found that new questions will likely arise over time. So virtual support is unlimited. I want you to know that I am here for you. If you ever have a question after the course is complete, you can connect with me to ask and clarify with anything.
  • Where did you become certified?
    I am a Certified Fertility Awareness Educator with FEMM / teenFEMM since July 2021.
  • Which biomarkers do you teach?
    Cervical mucus, basal temperature + LH testing (affordable at-home urinary test).
  • Can I join if I’m using the pill/IUD?
    It depends! I invite you to book a clarity call with me so we can talk about if this group is a good fit for you. Please make a note of this on your application form! I look forward to connecting with you!

Connect with your cycle and become your best self.

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