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Linear Cycle Chart#2

Download this free printable paper chart to connect with your body, cycles and patterns within your inner and outer world. A chart for having everything in one place!


Many women choose to chart using a digital app, but I personally love using pencil and paper. There is something very special and unique when you bring pencil to paper. Studies show that pencil and paper helps you remember and process information. It is also an opportunity to have all your information in one place in the physical, rather than in the digital. Conscious cycle charting!


In this printable PDF is linear chart for deep body connection, charting mucus and LH. You could chart your BBT as well, you just won’t have the visual graph. I provide an example of what the chart would look like when a woman has completed the chart! 

If you have longer cycles and need more cycle dates added, please send me an email and I will create one with more days in the chart!


ALSO, I am in the works of creating a cycle focused planner/journal for women! If you would be interested in this, send me an email! I would love to hear what you would like included so you can be part of this creation!  I truly appreciate your feedback! Thank you so much!

Cheers to consciously flowing and growing your connection with your cycle and body!

Linear Cycle Chart#2

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