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PART 2: Why Women Need Their Period

A research paper in 2010 showed the link between reproductive hormones and bone health. PMID: 21052538

The research showed how progesterone works through bone formation pathways and it plays an active role in maintaining women’s bones and in osteoporosis prevention.

Progesterone that is dominant in the second half of the cycle is the heal and repair hormone.

SO, if you are not ovulating during your reproductive years, your bone density will be negatively impacted. You will not see those effects until you're in your post-menopausal years.

What does this mean?

Dr. Prior warns women about the artificial form of progesterone known as progestin. There are six different compounds of progestins used in hormonal contraception.

Dr. Prior explains how these progestins do not have the same positive effect on our bone health like natural progesterone.

When you are using hormonal contraception, it stops ovulation from occurring. SO when there is no ovulation there is no progesterone.

A study in 2001 confirmed he harmful effects of progestin on bone health for adolescent girls that focused on Depo-Provera use. PMID: 11288500

There is a recent study in 2020 that found skeletal effects on adolescent females; slower accrual of bone mineral density (BMD) and increased fracture risk. PMID: 32973688

My intention for these posts are to inform, educate, and bring awareness. I hope that you found this information useful. Please share this with your fellow sisters. It is important to share the truth.

Read & learn more about Progesterone + Bones:

PMID: 21052538

PMID: 11288500

PMID: 32973688

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