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The Truth About FAM

Are you ready to learn what is and isn't Fertility Awareness Method (FAM)

FAM is:

- Information that we all should have learned in sex ed.

- All natural, no synthetic hormones that impact your entire bodily system, no foreign devices in your body

- Empowering and allows the woman to be deeply in tune with her body.

- 98-99% effective with perfect use (not breaking any rules).

- For both secular and religious people.

FAM is not:

- The Rhythm Method or a generic calendar method.

- A app/device that can 'predict' when you're going to ovulate based on an algorithm or statistical data.

- Difficult to learn, understand or use.

- Just for women who are wanting to conceive.

- Just for women who have regular cycles.

Do you want to learn and use FAM for health, contraception or conception?

Do you want to be in a community of women, to gather together to understand our hormones and cycle?

Do you want to be able to ask any questions along the way about your fertility?

If you answered yes, I invite you to book a free clarity call with me to see if we would be a good fit!


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