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Rest Is Productive

When you make time to rest, you are not wasting time. We may have been taught that if you aren't doing something you are wasting your time. Actually you are doing something when you are doing nothing. You are allowing yourself to rest, recharge, reflect, reconnect and reset. You may find it challenging to rest because your nervous system is in a sympathetic state. Sometimes in order to give ourselves permission to rest, we have to understand why we feel the overwhelm and why we feel resistance to rest. It is key to also learn practices to incorporate throughout the day to integrate rest more frequently.

Each day ask yourself what signals does my body send to me when I need to rest? How does rest improve my overall wellbeing? How do I feel when I make time for rest?

Here are my favourite affirmations to reprogram our minds around rest:

Rest is productive

I honour my need to rest and recharge

Rest is valuable time

I am my best when I make time to rest

I am productive when I rest

My worth is determined by who I am, not what I do I hope that you are inspired to incorporate affirmations and rest into your life. We live in a society that values production, we are so used to constantly doing, we can all bring balance by practicing being. If you ever need support or guidance with getting clear on your path, book a clarity call with me and I would love to help support you! If you would like to incorporate more rest and reconnection of self, check out my upcoming yoga classes.


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