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9 Challenges For First Time Charters

9 challenges that women face when starting to chart their cycles for the first time:

1. OVERWHELM: it can be overwhelming to start paying attention to certain fertility signs. It is something that you never really paid attention to before.

2. HABIT BUILDING: FAM is like building a new habit. It takes daily practice to integrate it into your life. It takes time to stick with it and make it part of your routine. That is why the first couple of months are super important when starting FAM, both for integration and sustaining the habit. Overtime it is second nature. It becomes part of your life, it is normal and familiar.

3. APP: If you use an app to chart your cycle that is not designed for FAM or it is, do not keep app predictions on. I have found women get confused when these “predictions” tell you when you are ovulating. No app can predict when ovulation is going to happen.Turn off app predictions, or use an app for FAM that has no predictions like Read Your Body. Or use a paper chart!

4. CERVICAL MUCUS: Be confident in your cervical mucus observations. Learning to accreting chart your mucus is key. Observe your mucus before and after going to the bathroom. Charting your most fertile mucus of the day. Categorize your mucus into three types: dry (gestagenic), non-peak (estrogenic), and peak mucus (estrogenic).

5. LENGTH: Chart for three cycles before using FAM as a form of contraception.

6. COMMUNICATION: A conversation with your partner is very important so that they are aware and are on the same page.

7. COMING OF HBC: When a woman comes off Hormonal Birth Control, it may take a little bit longer for her to get back on an ovulatory cycle. So she needs to have 3 ovulatory cycles before using it as a method. This ranges, I had coached a woman where it took till her 6th cycle for her cycle to regulate and got an ovulatory cycle after coming off HBC.

8. DIY: Women may take the DIY approach where they read books, listen to podcasts, read things online but have lots of questions. They may feel lost and confused, don’t stick with it and give up. This is why I highly recommend working with a FAM instructor so you have all the right info in one place and can ask any questions that may arise.

9. COMMUNITY: It can be challenge to learn FAM if you are alone and not able to connect with others. It can be isolating because it is uncommon and not widely used.

I found that when I was doing one on one sessions, my clients were craving community, wanting to chat with others who may have similar experiences and are on the same journey. Also, women wanted to learn from others who were having different experiences, to learn from a different perspective. To learn and understand their bodies together.

This is why I do what I do, to be a guide for women to learn their cycles. If you are ready to learn how to chart your cycle for their health, conception and/or contraception, understand your hormones, anatomy, and deepen your connection with your body, book a free clarity call with me to see if we would be a good fit.


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