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All about the IUD

Do you experience any symptoms from your IUD?

Were you fully informed about how the IUD works before you had it inserted?⁠

I have had some women connect with me about their IUDs, so let's deep dive into this.

There are 5 different brands of IUDs:






2 types of IUDs:

Hormonal IUDs (Mirena, Kyleena, Skyla and Liletta) release low levels of the hormone progestin.

Non-hormonal IUDs (Paragard) contain copper and transform the uterus into a hostile environment for sperm.

While each option has their own unique side effects, the ones pictured in this graphic are side effects that overlap with all IUDs.

In future posts, I will share specifically about the copper IUD.

If you are looking for a natural method for family planning, and are looking to get your IUD out, I want you to know there is another option. Fertility awareness method (FAM) is 98-99% effective with typical use and involves learning how your menstrual cycle works so that you know which days you’re fertile and which days you’re not.

Book a free clarity call with me if you’re ready to learn fertility awareness.

If you are looking for research articles around the IUD, send me an email with the subject line "IUD INFO" and I will send it your way!


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