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Are You Fertile Every Day?

Were you told that you were fertile every day of your cycle?

Well I am here to inform you that you are not. Sperm can live in estrogenic mucus for 3-5 days max and our egg lives for around for 12-24 hours unless fertilized. That’s it. Ovulation occurs only once each cycle. Ovulation can’t occur the rest of the cycle.

The ovulation of further follicles during a cycle is positively inhibited by her body.

This inhibitory process takes a short time, 24 hours, during this time it is possible that a women may have several exactly synchronized follicles which ovulate and produce a multiple pregnancy. This is far more common when a women is using a fertility treatment or drug that is responsible for stimulating her ovaries to produce multiple eggs at the same time to maximize the possibly of pregnancy.

You’re NOT fertile every day. You don’t have to fear your fertility. There are ways to easily understand it and you can take your pick of method! If you are ready tp learn more about your cycle and when your fertile window is, book a free clarity call to work with me!


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