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Benefits + Challenges of FAM for Contraception


  1. No side effects, non-invasive and natural

  2. Body literacy: comprehensive understanding of how your reproductive physiology works

  3. Highly effective: up to 98% when used correctly​ (​P. Frank Herrmann, et all, Human Reproduction Vol 22, 2007​)

  4. Initial financial investment to learn, but no long term costs. It is lifelong reproductive freedom and sexual sovereignty

  5. Increased connection with the body and health. FAM empowers you to use fertility charts as a diagnostic tool

  6. You can plan major life events in alignment with your cycle because you can predict your period two weeks prior

  7. Greater connection to Earth’s larger cycles and seasons

  8. Connect with your hormonal, emotional and creative rhythms


  1. Doesn’t protect against STIs

  2. Lack of cultural understanding and support ​(i.e. often confused for the Rhythm Method

  3. Requires daily commitment to chart fertility signs to be effective

  4. Takes time, patience, commitment and support to learn and integrate properly

  5. Learning period may require shifts in sexual preferences for either you and/or your partner ​(i.e. barrier method during fertile times)

  6. Not a “quick-fix” for reproductive symptoms, although, it helps you more accurately pinpoint hormonal health imbalances

  7. Challenging for those with irregular sleep or work schedules (​travel for work, shift work, breastfeeding, etc.)

  8. Challenging during times of hormonal transition (coming off the pill/IUD, breastfeeding, perimenopause, etc)

If you are ready to learn a natural form of birth control, book your free clarity call with me to see if we are a good fit!


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