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Is FAM right for you?

I created a list of statements that you can browse through to see if FAM is right for you!

  • It is a high priority for me to have a natural birth control option that has no negative effects.

  • I am excited to learn when I'm most fertile so that I can time my intercourse to conceive.

  • I want to be empowered in my personal healing about what’s going on with my cycle.

  • I desire to know how my body works and what hormonal phase I am in each month.

  • I want to connect to and feel more confident in my body.

  • I look forward to learning how to sync with my cycle and my cyclical essence.

  • I am willing to learn a new habit and know it takes time and repetition.

  • I am committed daily to 2-5 min. of observing fertility and charting my findings.

  • I am willing to either abstain, enjoy other forms of intimacy, or use a form of contraception on any days I am unsure of my fertility level assessment.

If you nodded yes to even one of these statements, then FAM is for you! I invite you to book a free clarity call to see if we would be a good fit to work together!


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