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Late Period?

Have you ever experienced a late period?

FAM takes the fear out of a late period.

Ovulation is the main event in your cycle. Without ovulation there is no true mensuration.

The length of your cycle is dictated by the time of ovulation. So if your ovulation is early, you may have a shorter cycle. If ovulation is late, you will have a longer cycle.

If your period is late, it is because ovulation was delayed. Cycle charting empowers you to connect to your body! You know if and when ovulation has occurred. You would know if ovulation has been delayed and you would know that your period will be delayed.

Each cycle is dependent on a number of things such as your sleep, movement, food, water intake, stress management, alcohol intake, injuries, meditations, travel, illness, etc. Therefore, your first half of your cycle (your follicular phase) will be determined based on how you take care of yourself. Even if you have a regular cycle and regular ovulation date, it does not matter because it can fluctuate and change. Follicular phase flows with you and your life situation in that moment.

After ovulation occurs, the healthy luteal phase is around 9-18 days. The amount of days in your luteal phase is a reflection of sufficient progesterone levels. ⁣This phase of your cycle is mostly stable from cycle to cycle. Although it won’t be if you are on the pill, transitioning off the pill, have the IUD, patch, ring, breast feeding, etc.

The common line I have heard from women who are on birth control say that they want to use FAM but they are afraid of getting pregnant. I understand why women have this fear. I encourage women to understand why the fear is there. We were never taught about our bodies, how our fertility works.

When using HBC/a device, it is doing all the work for you, it is preventing ovulation from happening completely or preventing implantation from occurring. This may be an easy and a better thing for some people. Women know how these product methods work. When you know how to properly chart your cycle, you will know if ovulation has been delayed. If ovulation is delayed, that will result in a late period. Your body is constantly communicating to you. You can learn the language of your body through FAM.

If you are using a phone app and the app doesn't predict the proper date for your period, well there is a reason why. I DO NOT support app predictions. Apps cannot predict ovulation or your period. You are not a robot, you are a human! Some women have the same cycle every month, but that is not always the case. It is so powerful to be able to cycle chart, track your cervical mucus and identify when your fertile window opens, confirm ovulation or even identify when ovulation is early or delayed.

In the FAM course I teach, Conscious Cycles, you learn about how FAM works. You learn about your body, fertility and how to chart your cycle for family planning. You will not worry when your period is late because you are connected to and understand your body. You will not worry because you will know when you are and when you are not fertile.

You learn that pregnancy occurs when you ovulate and during your fertile window. You learn how to identify your fertile window, your typical luteal phase length, when you ovulate.

For those who are trying to conceive you can actually see if your are pregnant sooner than a pregnancy test, this happens because of rising temps on your charts that stays high when you would normally get your period

So if you are someone who is scared of starting FAM because you’re scared of pregnancy, I suggest actually learning how your body works and how FAM works. Even if you are still on HBC/a device. You can decide once you learn the information what you think will be best for you!

If you are looking for 1:1 support, book a free clarity call to see if we would be a good fit.


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