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Learn to Love Failures

In the past when I thought about health and wellness, the first thing that come to my mind was FOOD. Over the years I realized it is not just only about the food, it is about EVERYTHING, ON AND OFF THE PLATE.

How we think and feel about ourselves has a HUGE impact on our health and wellbeing.

When it comes to building and integrating new habits, we may come across failure. We are not taught that the key to success is through failure. We are not taught that failure is good. We are taught to avoid it. If you go through life with the philosophy that “failure is not an option,” then you’ll never have any good opportunities to learn.

Mistakes are your greatest teachers. Let them in. Mistakes are the catalyst we need to grow in just the way we need. Allowing them to be part of our experience allows for massive growth, learn and transform. Mistakes gives us wisdom, stories to share, solidarity, keeps us humble. It reminds us that we are human.

FAILURE = time to rethink what went wrong

FAILURE = a way to move forward and act on improving

FAILURE = teaches determination

FAILURE = moving through disappointments

FAILURE = courage, belief, optimism, resilience

FAILURE = choosing to do it in a new way

Let's see failure as a good thing. Let's not attach to our failures and identify ourselves with "I'm a failure," but instead see how it as I have experienced this and I have grown from this experience.

Here are some affirmations that I created to help you shift your beliefs/narrative around failure:

I am human.

I am a good person even though some days I may not feel like it.

I am worthy.

I have value.

I am important even if I make mistakes.

I am allowed to make mistakes.

I am not defined by my mistakes.

No one is all good or all bad. We all have the capacity to do both good and bad

I am worthy of forgiveness

I am accepting myself of my mistakes

I am a witness of my life

I am present and accepting of what is

I accept my flaws

I am learning from my mistakes

I am honest and acknowledge my mistakes

I am doing the best that I can

I am compassionate towards myself

I choose to forgive myself

I will forgive but that doesn’t mean I won’t forget

I am at peace when I forgive myself

I am kind to myself

I accept myself, the good and the bad

I choose to forgive myself

I release the shame of being human

I release my attachments to my past I release and let go to past identities

I experience a range of emotions, sometimes feel opposite emotions at the same time

If you struggle with loving your failures or need more support in any area of your life, book a clarity call with me and we can dive deeper into this together.


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