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Painful Periods?

Do you experience period pain?

We are told that period pain is just the way it is so deal with it, or medicate it.

I want you to know that just because pain is common does not mean it is normal.

Your pain is real and deserves attention. It is not all in your head. Your pain is your bodies way of communicating with you, it is trying to tell you something.

Getting to the root causes of your pain is key.

Here are some things to consider when addressing pain:

1. Balanced lifestyle (nutrition, sleep, movement, type of water/how much water, stress management)

We now know that making the right lifestyle choices can have a huge positive impact on your pain. It can be challenging to implement these lifestyle strategies and it can take several months to see results. Healing takes time, patience and commitment! I know everyone wants a quick fix but when it comes to the body, it needs the space to heal and integrate the changes that are made

2. Products (shampoo, conditioner, soap for body, hands, dishes, makeup, cleaners, candles, air fresheners, perfume, tampons and pads full of chemicals). Consider looking at what goes in your products and how that impacts your endocrine system and overall health and switching to natural products. Search EWG and put in the chemicals on that website to learn more about each one. Possibly download the app Think Dirty, Shop Clean and look up your products on your phone

3. Food/Gut health

Figure out which foods your body is reacting to. Possibly explore working with an integrative health coach and functional medicine doctor. Eating whole foods, organic and local when possible. Incorporating prebiotic and probiotic foods into your diet.

4. Trauma

The West does not take this into consideration when addressing period pain. Understand your story and possibly connect with someone who can support you through your story and releasing things from the past that you may be still carrying in this present moment

5. Relationships

The people you surround yourself with, boundary setting, compassionate communication, etc


The more you go within, the more we can understand and listen to what is being communicated to you. Your body is a messenger.

Communicate with your body. What is the source of this pain?

What is my body telling me?

What is it asking me to shift?

Allow yourself to go into the pain and emotion. Feel what’s stored in your body. Symptoms go away when you answer the call.

Our mind and body break downs are our mind and body blessings.

It may not feel like that at the time because it is hard to go through these things.

It’s a message from your body.

Your body is saying that the way you are living at the moment isn’t supporting your body, it is out of alignment and if you want to live a happy, healthy life it is time to clean up. Clean up all areas of your life that is out of alignment.

Are you ready to do a deep cleaning on all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally?

If you are looking for support around your period pain and want a natural solution that solves the root cause, book a free clarity call with me where we can have a conversation about it. We can see how I can support you on your fertility journey.


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