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Self Discovery Through FAM

This is the body you have for the rest of your life.

It is the vehicle in which you reside in as you live here on planet earth.

It is your right to know how the body works and what is happening each month.

It is your right to know what impacts your body and how to bring it back to balance if there is an imbalance.

Your reproductive system is not to be feared, pushed away, or silenced.

Your reproductive system is to be loved, appreciated and valued.

This journey of connecting to my womb, my cycle and body has led me down a path of deep healing. It has deepened my connection with myself, nature and my maternal lineage.

As I reflect on this rainy day, I feel immense gratitude to all those who have helped me along my path and all those who will guide me in the future.I am so grateful to do the work that I do, to be of service, to be a guide for women.

My heart fills with joy when women feel more connected with their cycle and feel confident within their bodies.

May all women be empowered by their cycle.

May they understand and see the power that they hold within them

May your inner and the outer cycles guide you into presence, self discovery and appreciation.

May you know where you are in your cycle and use your inner compass

May you align your outer life with your inner tides, to live with your cyclical nature rather against it

May you deepen your connection with yourself through your sacred cycle


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