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There are 3 types of bleeds?

Ovulation is the central event of the cycle. Menstruation is just a result of a healthy ovulation. The event of ovulation indicates that hormones are reaching sufficient levels for the cycle.

Menstruation is the most obvious and therefore people pay more attention to it. I am here to educate everyone that a women’s cycle is actually the ovulation cycle and that ovulation is a sign of health.

Ovulation comes first and then a period almost exactly two weeks later.

If you don't ovulate but still bleed, it's an anovulatory cycle.

SO there are 3 different types of bleeds:

🩸Period: The bleed at the end of a natural ovulatory cycle

🩸Pill-bleed: also known as withdrawn bleed, it is the bleed induced by stopping contraceptive drugs.

🩸Anovulatory bleed: the bleed that occurs when there is no ovulation (usually irregular) If you would like to learn more about if you are experiencing an anovulatory cycle, read more on about it on my upcoming blog post. Are you looking for more support on your cycle for your health or for conceiving? I am here to support you in whatever you are going through! Book a free clarity call to see if we are a good fit to work together! I look forward to connecting with you.


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