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Why I love FAM

I invite you to ask yourself, who benefits from me when I do not understand my fertility and my body? Why has a form of natural birth control Fertility Awareness Method (which is not rhythm/calendar method) been known since 1953 and it has not been taught in schools?

At the end of the day knowledge is power, I want as many women to fast track to getting this information. To getting the right information and access to the right kind of support.

My mission is to teach as many women about this so they can connect with their bodies and be empowered by this information, to embody this truth that is your birthright.

I am truly SO grateful to know about my cycle and my body. Fertility Awareness has helped me connect with my mind, body and cycle. It has deepened my connection with the Earth. It has helped me see and transform the patterns of my thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) makes me feel:


In control

Tuned in

Connected to my body


Connected to the cyclical nature of life




Is hormone free

Encourages you to connect with your body

Life changing information for the rest of your life

Can offer insight on your overall health

Highly effective for identifying your fertile window (98-99% effectiveness, depending on which method you choose)

Provides a powerful perception shift

Connects you to your sexuality, femininity, creativity and spirituality

Anchors you into who you are

If you are interested in learning fertility awareness method, book a free clarity call to see if we are a good fit. I am so excited to connect with you. Thank you for being here with me, thank you for learning and growing together.


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