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Am I Against The Pill?

People assume that since I post about the negative side effects of Hormonal Birth Control, that I am against it.

I thought I would share my answer here as well. Short answer, no.

Long answer, I am against:

- the lack of informed decision

- the lack of education about a women's body

- the miseducation

- the lack of discussion around the impacts of hormonal birth control

- the pill being prescribed for everything without getting to the root causes

- lack of education around options for contraception in general

- the impact of the pill on the environment

I am not against women taking the pill. I am all for freedom of choice. I am not telling you that you can't take the pill. I am here to educate, inform and guide women about making an empowered choice that is best for them after learning all the information. I am here to help women who want to get off the pill if that is what they choose.

It saddens me when women share with me that they were not aware of the potential and real side effects when women go on hormonal birth control. They share how their doctors never shared this information with them.

I will never forget when I was having a conversation with a women about her experience at the doctors office. She explained how the doctor asked her if she was going to be sexually active and she said not right now, but who knows. He then said well if you aren't sure, it would be good just in case she is going to be sexually alive. She then went to ask for his honest opinion on why he was recommending this specific pill. He said if I am being honest, I just had lunch with the rep of this HBC company yesterday and I get a cut if I sell you this specific HBC.

I was so shocked that her doctor was actually honest and shared the truth. She didn't end up on HBC and left with an interesting story to share.

There are more options than you might have been made aware. You are not alone and you have the right to choose what is best for you.

If you unsure which method is best for you, or you are wanting to learn more if FAM is right for you, or why you should work with a qualified instructor, then you have come to the right place. When you have decided that FAM is right for you, I'll be here! Book a free clarity call to see if we would be a good fit!


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